• Melbourne, Australia
  • November 2020

Annual AWSN Women in Security Awards 2020



To identify rockstars


To lift and empower the entire company


To celebrate ‘hidden’ security superstars


To express admiration for fellow co-workers



Why You Should Nominate

Our aim is to raise the profile of the Australian IT Security, Cyber, Protective Security and Resilience industry to inspire young women and men to consider a career in this sector. We do this by honouring their accomplishments, value, and contributions to the Australian market and giving the recognition they deserve.

Put forward the best individuals and companies who you know fit the categories so we can elevate them.

Role models and inspirational women and men wanted.

Nominate Now

Nomination Process


  1. Each award has its own criteria; please ensure that the candidate meets the criteria by reviewing descriptions.
  2. The best nominations, are those that tell a story and capture the characteristics of an extraordinary individual / company making a difference.Remember you want your nominee to stand out from the crowd, so if you want to provide supporting documents to the nomination you can.

    Please note that the awards process is confidential, and as such, we ask that no nominations be disclosed or discussed, except by those who are preparing the nomination. 

Review Process 

by a Judges Committee


1.The awards judges will review the submissions and prepare a short-list of finalists for each award.

2.If required, they will prepare a list of questions to be sent back to the original nominators of which will need to be filled out and sent back for review.

3.The nominations are then put to a vote from the judges committee. The judges must select a winner.

Tips for writing a stand-out nomination: 

The best nominations are those that tell a story and capture the essence of either the individual or the company that’s making a difference in the security industry. 

You can nominate your inspiring colleague or innovative company or you can self-nominate. Either way, tell us a story and show us why it matters. 

Take the first step – give us the facts

Begin with a concise statement that outlines why your nominee – either individual or company – is worthy of an award. 

Share with us what initiatives, projects or activities the nominee – either the individual or the company – has undertaken and why they stand out? How has the nominee gone above and beyond to give back to the community? What special skills or talents stand out? How is the product or service unique and game-changing? Why should the nominee win an award? 

Tell a story

Strengthen your nomination by painting a picture of the individual or company. Give us a sense of who/what they are? What are the key motivations? How are they making a difference? For the individual awards, consider what challenges the person has overcome and how they’ve succeeded in the security arena. Why do they inspire others? 

Share some proof points 

Use real-world examples to show how the nominee is an inspiring mentor or security rockstar. Support your nomination with hard facts and reliable statistics. Provide examples – some proof points – that highlight and show how the individual or company is successful. 

Keep it short 

Write a short and concise nomination and try to avoid repetition. Avoid lengthy descriptions or histories, and steer clear of wordy information that fails to add any substance. 

Stick to the script 

Our judging panel – comprised of – CISOs, security managers, directors of security, and industry bodies – is on the lookout for individuals and companies that showcase excellence, innovation and leadership – so have this in the back of your mind when nominating. 

Ready to nominate?

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